The following table represents a composite of the graduate program requirements (see the graduate program rules for details) and the progress expected to be made by all students in this program.

Academic Year in Program Time Activity
First Orientation Week Attend orientation meetings and workshops; Take proficiency examinations; Attend poster session; Register for courses
First Week of Fall Semester Specify research rotations
Weeks 2-13 of Fall Semester Carry out research rotations
End of Fall Semester Select major professor; establish proficiency in organic chemistry; establish oral English proficiency (ESL students)
All Semesters, All Years Attendance at MCMP seminars required
Spring Semester Begin research work; Take courses in major area; Begin written assessment examinations
End of Spring Semester Proficiency in Biochemistry and Physical Chemistry established; Select graduate committee; File Plan of Study;
Second Fall Semester Begin preparation for original proposal defense; Take Grant Writing course
Research continues in this and all subsequent years;
attendance at seminars is required each semester;
Fall Semester Take courses in major area; Continue written assessment examinations as necessary
End of Fall Semester Deadline for completion of written assessment requirement (referred to as CUMES); Deadline for first graduate committee meeting
Spring Semester Deadline for initial defense of original proposal
Third End of Fall Semester Deadline for presentation of first seminar
Fourth and Subsequent Any Semester
  • Must present second seminar in final year.
  • Must hold annual graduate committee meetings (more often if required by Committee).
  • Must serve as a Teaching Assistant involving meaningful student contact for at least one semester. (May be completed at any time.)
  • Must have program reviewed semiannually by entire faculty if student is in sixth or seventh year.
  • Must complete dissertation and defend by oral final examination.