Numerous teaching and research assistantships are available to graduate students; they are awarded to students who intend to study for the Ph.D. degree. Ordinarily, support for first-year students takes the form of teaching assistantships, although students will be entered for fellowship competitions. Typically, a teaching assistant will supervise undergraduate laboratory sections and grade lab reports, quizzes and/or exams.  Students awarded a fellowship will not teach in the first year.

First year students who are fully qualified teaching assistants will ordinarily receive a competitive stipend, along with a waiver of tuition and most fees. An exceptional candidate may qualify for a prestigious University or College of Pharmacy fellowships, which are accompanied by a higher stipend.

The cost of living in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area is extremely reasonable, especially when compared to costs in major metropolitan areas. Visit this link to compare the salary equivalent for Lafayette to other US cities. The base stipend will be $28,000/year starting for the 2022/2023 academic year. Our financial support package is valued at over $60,000/year when including the base stipend, tuition and fee remissions. The University provides 80% of the cost of a comprehensive health insurance plan for graduate students who have graduate assistantships and fellowships. Students do not need to apply for financial support and are supported throughout the duration of their studies as long as satisfactory progress is being made toward a degree.  The following link is an accurate salary/stipend comparison tool.

The housing options in the Lafayette/West Lafayette area are outstanding and one of the most affordable in the country.  The area is home to two great cities and one great university with attractions, festivals, dining, events, and more.