Craig K. Svensson

Dean Emeritus and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
Specialization: Idiosyncratic drug reactions; drug addiction; chronic illness


1981 Pharm.D.; University of Maryland
1984 Ph.D.; State University of New York at Buffalo
1984-85 Postdoctoral Fellowship; State University of New York at Buffalo


Dr. Svensson's biomedical research interests have primarily focused on understanding the mechanism of idiosyncratic drug reactions, with a particular emphasis on cutaneous drug reactions. He is no longer directing a laboratory research program.


Dr. Svensson's current scholarship is focused on living with chronic illness and pain. He is currently working on a book on the subject of addiction.

Service and Engagement

Associate Editor, AAPS Journal

Member, Board of Governors, Riley Children's Foundation 

Reviewer for Biochemical Pharmacology, Drug Metabolism and Disposition, JAMA, JAMA Open Network, JAPhA, Pharmacological Reviews, Toxicology Letters


PHRM 4600 - Drug Discovery and Development (lecturer)

PHRM 82400 - Principles Of Pathophysiology And Drug Action (lecturer)

PHRM 84700 - Pharmacogenomics (lecturer)

NUR 50200 - Pharmacotherapeutics in Advanced Nursing Practice (lecturer)

IUSoM - Fundamentals of Health and Disease (lecturer)

IUSoM - Neuroscience and Behavior (lecturer)

Honors and Credentials

175th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Fellow, American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists

Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science


“Balancing the Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practice in a Pharmacy Curriculum.” FIP Pharmaceutical Sciences World Congress. October 5, 2020.

Representative Publications

Svensson CK. CBD for the treatment of pain - What is the evidence? Journal of the American Pharmacists Association 60:e80-e83, 2020.

Svensson CK. When There Is No Cure: How to Thrive While Living with the Pain and Suffering of Chronic Illness, Consilium Publishing, 2019.

Svensson CK. What should constitute an acceptable advanced pharmacy practice experience? American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education, 80: Article 37, 2016.

Svensson CK. Should a pharmacy dean be a pharmacist? American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 79: Article 32, 2015.

Krasniak AE, Knipp GT, Svensson CK, Liu W. Pharmacogenomics of acetaminophen in pediatric populations: a moving target. Frontiers in Genetics 5: Article 314, 2014.

Guglielmo JB, Svensson CK. Tobacco sales in pharmacies: What will it take to quit for good? Drug Topics p. 2, March 2014.

Kehrer JP, Svensson CK. Advancing scholarship and research within academic pharmacy. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 76:Article 187, 2012.

Bauman JL,  Ascione FJ, Brueggemeier RW, Letendre DE, Roberts JC, Speedie MK, Svensson CK. On research, the change in the academy and accreditation. American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 76:Article 144, 2012.

Svensson CK, Ascione FJ, Bauman JL, Brueggemeier RW, Letendre DE, Roberts JC, Speedie MK. Are we producing innovators and leaders or change resisters and followers? American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education 76:Article 124, 2012.

Galinsky RE, Svensson CK. Basic Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics, In: Gennaro AR (ed), Remington's Pharmaceutical Sciences, 22nd edition, pp. 1073-1093, 2012.

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Svensson CK. Biotransformation of drugs in human skin. Drug Metabolism and Disposition 37:247-253, 2009.
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