Richard M. Van Rijn

Associate Professor of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology
765-494-6461, 765-494-6564
Specialization: Neuropharmacology and drug discovery


B.S./M.S. (2002): Bio-pharmaceutical Sciences - Leiden University
Ph.D. (2007): Molecular Pharmacology - VU University Amsterdam
Postdoc. (2007-2013): Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center Department of Neurology - University of California San Francisco


In my laboratory we use innovative strategies and techniques to provide a better understanding of the molecular mechanism by which G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) function, propagate signal transduction and modulate behavior. GPCRs form the largest protein family in the human genome and are crucial in relaying extracellular information into the cell. GPCRs are involved in many diverse physiological responses, including light perception, taste, immune responses, cardiovascular activity and neurotransmission. Currently, 30-40% of all drugs, approved by the Federal Drug Administration, target GPCRs. New insights into how these receptors work have re-energized the study of these receptors. Specifically, we study biased receptor signaling and GPCR heteromerization and potential overlap of these concepts and their roles in (patho)-physiological responses. We frequently use the delta opioid receptor as model receptor for our studies. We use a combination of in vitro cell culture assays, with in vivo mouse behavioral paradigms and ex vivo assays to perform translational/pre-clinical research with the goal of proposing and developing new therapeutic drugs that may have better potency, efficacy and fewer side effects. Our main focus is on neurological disorders, with an emphasis on drug addiction and co-morbid mood and anxiety disorders as well as chronic pain conditions. Current projects involve investigations into the risk of the alcohol mixed energy drinks, the role of beta-arrestin dependent signaling in depression and anxiety disorders, the physiological function of opioid-dopamine interactions and alcohol withdrawal induced hyperalgesia.

Van Rijn Lab 2017
The Van Rijn lab: [Top from left to right] Arbaaz Mukadam, Ben Cummins, Rob Cassell, Maria Shelley, Richard van Rijn, Kendall Mores. [Bottom] Grace Mulia, Angel Lin, Haoyue Cui, Arryn Blaine, Anna Gutridge, Mee Jung Ko

Lab Members

Arryn Taylor Blaine (PULSe Graduate Student)
Alexander R. French (Post-Doctoral Research Associate)
Anna Marie Gutridge (Graduate Student)
Yazan J. Meqbil (Graduate Student)

Service and Engagement

Purdue Animal Care and Use committee member: 2015-present

MCMP Graduate admissions committee: 2015-present

Purdue University Life Sciences executive committee: 2017-present

Head of the Integrative Neuroscience training group: 2017-present  

College of Pharmacy Professional Program Admissions Committee: 2018-present


PHRM825: Integrated Pharmacotherapy I

PHRM844: Integrated Pharmacotherapy II

PHRM845: Integrated Pharmacotherapy III

PHRM316: Drug abuse/addiction education

Honors and Credentials

INRC Young Investigator Award (2021)

NIH/NCATS Aspire Reduction to Practice Challenge Prize (2021)     

NARSAD Young Investigator Award (2016)

K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award (2011)


National Insitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (R21AA026675)  9/1/2018 - 08/31/2020

The influence of alcohol on disseminated tumor cells dormancy

The goal of this proposal is to investigate how alcohol use can influence systemic tumor dormancy following breast cancer metastasis

Role: Co-PI (With Dr. Wendt)

National Insitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (R21AA026949)  8/1/2018 - 07/31/2020

Opioidergic alkaloids from Mitragynia Speciosa (kratom) as novel treatment for alcohol use disorder

The goal of this proposal is to study the impact of kratom and kratom alkaloids on alcohol use and reward in mice

Role: PI

National Institute on Drug Abuse (R03DA045897) 04/01/2018-03/31/2020

Development of G-protein biased delta opioid receptor agonists for inflammatory pain

The goal of this proposal is to synthesize novel G-protein biased delta opioid receptors to treat acute inflammatory pain

Role: PI

National Insitute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (R01AA025368)  10/1/2017 - 09/31/2022

G-protein-, beta-arrestin- and ERK-signaling in alcohol use- and anxiety-disorders

The primary objective of this grant is to to study the role of ERK signaling induced by G-protein or beta-arrestin pathways in modulation of alcohol and anxiety behaviors.

Role: PI

Representative Publications

  1. Charkaborty S, Diberto J, Faouzi A, Bernhard SM, Gutridge AM, Ramsey S, Zhou Y, Provasi D, Nuthikattu N, Jilakia R, Nelson M, Asher W, Eans SO, Wilson LL, Chintala S, Filizola M, van Rijn RM, Margolis EB, Roth B, Javitch J, McLaughlin JP, Che T, Majumdar S, A novel mitragynine analog displays low efficacy mu opioid agonism at Gi/o subtypes and antinociception with attenuated adverse effects, J Med Chem, accepted
  2. Sharma KK1, Cassell RJ1, Meqbil YT1, Su H, Blaine AT, Cummins BR, Mores KL, Johnson D, Van Rijn RM, Altman RA, Modulating beta-arrestin-2 recruitment at the delta and mu opioid receptor, RCS Med Chem, accepted
  3. Ko MJ, Chiang T, Mukadam AM, Mulia, GE, Gutridge AM, Lin A, Chester JA, Van Rijn RM, β-arrestin-dependent ERK signaling reduces anxiety-like and conditioned fear-related behaviors in mice, Science Signaling, 2021, 14 (694): eaba0245 Cover article
  4. Farrokh Sharifi F, Meqbil YJ, Otte A, Gutridge AM, Blaine AT, Van Rijn RM, Park K, Engineering Quick- and Long-acting Naloxone Delivery Systems for Treating Opioid Overdose, Pharmacol Res, 2021, TBD, Accepted
  5. Ganzen L, Ko MJ, Zhang M, Xie R, Chen Y, Zhang L, James R, Mumm J, Van Rijn RM, Zhong W, Pang CP, Zhang M, Tsujikawa M, Leung YF, Drug Screening with Zebrafish Visual Behavior Identifies Carvedilol as a Potential Treatment for Retinitis Pigmentosa, Scientific Reports, 2021, 11, 11432
  6. Creed SM1, Gutridge AM1, Argade MD, Hennessy MR, Brent Friesen JJB, Pauli GF, van Rijn RM#, Riley AP#, Isolation and Pharmacological Characterization of six Opioidergic Picralima nitida Alkaloids, J Natural products, 2021, 84(1):71-80
  7. Bertels Z, Witkowski W, Asif S, Siegersma K, Van Rijn RM, Pradhan AA, A non-convulsant delta-opioid receptor agonist, KNT-127, reduces cortical spreading depression and nitroglycerin-induced allodynia, Headache, 2021, 61(1): 170-178
  8. Ding Z, Knipp GT, Van Rijn RM, Chester JA, Watts VJ, The CUL3/neddylation inhibitor MLN4924 reduces inflammatory pain allodynia and ethanol-induced locomotor sensitization in mice, Behavioural Brain Research, 2021, 399, 113051
  9. 1Gutridge AM, 1Robins MT, 1Cassel RJ, 1Uprety R, Mores KL, Ko MJ, Pasternak GM, Majumdar S, Van Rijn RM, G protein-biased kratom-alkaloids and synthetic carfentanil-amide opioids as potential treatment for alcohol use disorder, Br J Pharmacol, 2020, 177(7): 1497-1513
  10. 1Cassell RJ, 1Sharma KK, Su H, Cummins BR, Cui H, Mores KL, Blaine AT, Altman RA#, Van Rijn RM#, The Meta-Position of Phe4 in Leu-Enkephalin Regulates Potency, Selectivity, Functional Activity, and Bias at the Delta and Mu Opioid Receptors, Molecules (Special issue Opioids and Their Receptors: Present and Emerging Concepts in Opioid Drug Discovery), 2019, 24 (4542): 1-15, PMID: 31842282, PMC6943441,
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