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Department of Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology Personnel - Wanqing Liu

Wanqing Liu, Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Medicinal Chemistry
Phone: 496-6389
Fax: 765-494-1414

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Specialization: Disease Genomics, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, Systems Biology


B.S. - Shandong Normal University, China, 1996
Ph.D - Shanghai Institute of Physiology, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2001
Research Associate - The University of Chicago, 2002-2005
Research Associate (Assistant Professor) - The University of Chicago, 2005-2011

Research: Disease Genomics, Pharmacogenomics and Personalized Medicine, Systems Biology

Lab Members:

Shaminie Athinarayanan (PULSE Graduate Student)
Songyao Ma (Graduate Student)
Zhefu Que (Research Assistant - Temporary Service)



**Our lab is currently recruiting graduate students and postdoctoral fellows interested in molecular genetics, genomics and systems biology, as well as computational data analysis and bioinformatics. Please contact Dr. Liu for further information.


The long-term interest of my lab is focused on human disease genomics and personalized medicine towards discovering genetic markers integral to human diseases and therapeutic treatments, as well as translating these markers into clinical practice. My current research involves the use of integrated “omics” and a systems approach to identifying susceptibility genetic variants and molecular targets for disease pathogenesis and therapeutics. Ongoing projects in the lab include:

1) The genetics and genomics of human central metabolism and liver disease. We use a systems biology approach to identifying genetic factors affecting impaired lipid metabolism and deposition in the liver, a central component of multiple liver diseases and metabolic complications.

2) Pharmacogenetics and genomics. We are interested in identifying genetic variants and molecular markers leading to inter-individual differences in efficacy and side effects of therapeutic agents. We use various approaches to understand the underlying mechanism of how genetic variants alter drug metabolism, and the transportation and disposition in humans.

3) Genetics of lung cancer and lung disease. We employ a genome-wide approach, as well as mechanistic strategies to understand how heritable genetic variations confer risks to the genesis of somatic alterations in lung cancer.

The technologies used in our lab include: RNA/DNA extraction, PCR, quantitative PCR, genotyping, sequencing, microarray, tissue culture and treatment, other techniques for studying transcriptional regulation of gene expression (reporter gene, cloning, gel shift, etc.), as well as genome-wide and high-throughput approaches including various genomic, transcriptomic, miRNomic and metabolomic techniques. We also use computational analysis and bioinformatic annotation of genetic, genomic and systems biology data.

Representative Publications

Liu W, He L, Ramírez J, Krishnaswamy S, Wang Y, Salgia R, Ratain MJ. Functional germline polymorphisms in the EGFR may confer risk for somatic mutations in the EGFR gene in non-small cell lung cancer, with a predominant effect on exon 19 microdeletions. Cancer Res, 2011; 71(7):2423-7.

Li M, Song J, Mirkov S, Xiao S, Hart J, Liu W. Comparing Morphometric, Biochemical and Visual Measurements of Macrovesicular Steatosis of Liver. Hum Pathol. 2011;42(3):356-60.

Liu W, He L, Ramírez J, Ratain MJ. Interactions between MDM2 and TP53 Genetic Alterations, and Their Impact on Response to MDM2 Inhibitors and Other Chemotherapeutic Drugs in Cancer Cells. Clin Cancer Res. 2009;15(24):7602-7607. PMID: 19996219

Innocenti F, Liu W, Fackenthal LD, Ramírez J, Chen P, Ye X, Wu X, Zhang W, Mirkov S, Das S, Cook EH, Ratain MJ. SNP discovery and functional assessment of variation in the udp-glucuronosyltransferase 2b7 (ugt2b7) gene. Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2008, 18(8):683-97.

Rudin CM, Liu W, Desai A, Karrison T, Jiang X, Janisch L, Das S, Ramirez J, Poonkuzhali B, Schuetz E, Fackentha DL, Chen P, Armstrong DK, Brahmer JR, Fleming GF, Vokes EE, Carducci MA, Ratain MJ. Pharmacogenomic and pharmacokinetic determinants of erlotinib toxicity. J Clin Onco, 2008;26(7):1119-27.

Zhang W*, Liu W*, Innocenti F, Ratain MJ. Searching for Tissue-Specific Expression Pattern-Linked Nucleotides of UGT1A Isoforms. PLoS ONE. 2007;2:e396 (*Co-first author).

Liu W, Wu X, Zhang W, Montenegro RC, Fackenthal DL, Spitz JA, Huff LM, Innocenti F, Das S, Cook EH, Cox NJ, Bates SE, Ratain MJ. EGFR mutations, expression, amplification, polymorphisms and their interrelationship with sensitivity/resistance to EGFR inhibitors in the NCI60 cell lines. Clin Cancer Res, 2007:13(22):6788-6795.

Ramirez J*, Liu W*, Mirkov S, Desai AA, Chen P, Das S, Innocenti F, Ratain MJ. Lack of association between common polymorphisms in UGT1A9 and gene expression and activity. Drug Metab Dispos. 2007; 35(12):2149-53 (*Co-first author).

Liu W, Innocenti F, Wu MH, Desai A, Dolan ME, Cook EH and Ratain MJ. A Functional Common Polymorphism in a Sp1 Recognition Site of the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Gene Promoter. Cancer Res, 2005; 1;65(1):46-53.

Innocenti F, Liu W, Chen P, Desai AA, Das S and Ratain MJ. Haplotypes of variants in the UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1A9 and 1A1 genes. Pharmacogenet Genomics. 2005;15(5):295-301.

Liu W, Breen G, Zhang J, Li S, Gu N, Feng G, Bai S, Shen T, Xue H, St Clair D and He L. Association of APOE gene with schizophrenia in Chinese: a possible risk factor in times of malnutrition. Schizophrenia Res, 2003; 62(3):225-30.

Liu W, Innocenti F, Chen P, Das S, Cook EH and Ratain MJ. Interethnic difference in the allelic distribution of human epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) intron 1 polymorphism. Clin Cancer Res, 2003; 9(3):1009-12.

Feng B, Huang W, Shugart Y, Lee M, Zhang F, Xia J, Wang H, Huang T, Jian S, Huang P, Feng Q, Huang L, Yu X, Li D, Chen L, Jia W, Fang Y, Huang H, Zhu J, Liu X, Zhao Y, Liu W, Deng M, Hu W, Wu S, Mo H, Hong M, King M, Chen Z, Zeng Y. Genome-wide scan for familial nasopharyngeal carcinoma reveals evidence of linkage to chromosome 4. Nat Genet. 2002; 31(4):395-9.

Liu W, Wang H, Zhao S, Zhao W, Bai S, Zhao Y, Xu S, Wu C, Huang W, Chen Z, Feng G, He L. The novel gene locus for agenesis of permanent teeth (He-Zhao deficiency) maps to chromosome 10q11.2. J Dent Res, 2001; 80(8):1716-20.

Liu W, Gu N, Feng G, Li S, Bai S, Zhang J, Shen T, Xue H, Breen G, St Clair D, He L. Tentative association of the serotonin transporter with schizophrenia and unipolar depression but not with bipolar disorder in Han Chinese. Pharmacogenetics, 1999; 9(4):491-5.

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